“Dear Hennie and Rex and Brian,

A brief note to let you know I am bouncing back from Wednesday’s surgery. I would just like to sincerely thank you for your care and attention. Combined with the professionalism and air of warmth throughout the practice I consider myself fortunate that given I needed the surgery, it was carried out by you, and at Cornerways.

Thanks again.”

- RS

“Dear Brian

I have emailed my opinion on your practice direct to the CQC.

‘I have been attending Cornerways Dental Practice since 2005.  The care I receive there is fantastic.  The premises are bright, airy and spotlessly clean.  The staff are all very conscientious and caring and the quality of dental work that I have received is second to none.  Having had a dental ‘phobia’ since childhood, I was treated with care and compassion right from the start.  Because of this I no longer fear my appointments and even look forward to my visits!  I recommend this dental practice most highly.”

- SD

“Hello Brian

I can confirm that we have been patients of Cornerways Dental Practice for at least 15 years and certainly since you acquired the practice.

I can confirm that we have received nothing but exemplary treatment. In particular my extensive treatment involving the replacement of various existing bridges and gaps in my teeth with implants was carried out in a very professional manner by all practitioners involved and was a total success. My wife and I are always happy to visit your very friendly and caring practice.

A brief word about our Granddaughter’s treatment. We are more than grateful to you and Henny for rectifying her teeth which we suspect could have been permanently disfigured as a result substandard treatment elsewhere. We have absolute faith in your expertise. ”

- I & L N

“I have been with my Dentist Kirsten Anderson for twenty years and moved with her each time she moved practice, which is how I came to Cornerways. Kirsten is the most wonderful Dentist – calm, friendly, and totally professional. Everyone at Cornerways is lovely, starting with the friendly welcome when you go into reception. The Hygienist and Dental Nurse are first-class. The environment is clean and hygienic, everyone is friendly, and I feel very cared-for. Kirsten Anderson and Brian Hong helped me decide on some more extensive treatment which included a sinus-lift which was done by a visiting specialist. I was given very clear, helpful information and plenty of time to think about the different options. The treatment was well-planned and calm, and trouble-free. I have nothing but praise for this practice.

- SP

“I  have been a patient of Brian Hong , at Cornerways dental practice for sometime now. And had a variety of treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian and his excellent team. Friendly, efficient and forward looking, I feel that Angmering village is very fortunate to have such a quality practice.

- JM

“Just a short note to thank you for my recent course of treatment.  The proposed replacement of my denture with five implants was, initially, a little daunting, but you were able to allay my concerns by giving a detailed description of the complete process.  I also appreciated the detailed estimate of cost that was subsequently confirmed as the actual price.  The various stages in the treatment happened as advised and were carried out with a minimum of discomfort.  It was also appreciated that you were able to see me almost immediately on request to carry out some minor adjustments in the days following the final fitting.  In summary, I am very pleased with the new teeth and would have no hesitation in recommending your service.

- CC

“As a rather anxious patient I was soon made to feel at ease in a very caring and relaxing atmosphere. I was kept well updated during all stages of treatment which included bridgework inlays and fillings, I am very pleased with the work and would like to thank Brian and his team for their care and professionalism.

- LF

“As a patient of many years now I would like to say that I have always been very happy with the treatment I have received at Cornerways Dental Practice.

I had been referred to this surgery because of my periodontitis and this was the first place where I felt that my case was thoroughly examined and effectively treated, whilst always being very understanding and responsive to my needs.

It turned out that extensive treatment was necessary to repair and restore my gums, to extract a tooth and replace with an implant. I have felt in very safe hands during this time and was very happy with the results. The cooperation with a specialist was excellent and everything was always explained to me very clearly.

I enjoy the calm environment of the practice, the friendly faces at the reception desk, the waiting room with reading material and classical music and the interesting projects and offers I am kept informed about through a yearly newsletter.

The professional, personal and very friendly and caring approach of Brian and his team over the years has been excellent and I very much appreciate it. Thank you!

- KN

“In June of last year, and after consulting a number of dentists I had an appointment with Dr Brian Hong.

Brian Hong prescribed an extensive treatment programme to save my teeth further rather than progressively losing them in the fullness of time.

The first procedure was carried out in Worthing by a root canal specialist Michael Seare. This procedure was administered with a great deal of care and explanation, making me comfortable throughout.

I then underwent periodontal surgery to all my teeth together with four extractions in October 2015. This was carried out by Hennie Jaarsveld with an Anaesthetist, Brian Hong and a Dental Nurse who were all in attendance.  The team made sure that I was as comfortable as possible throughout the operation in a very caring manner. I at no time suffered discomfort or pain.

Whilst I obviously had discomfort and pain for a while after the procedure, which I expected and was advised about, the after care was superb with a follow up of calls to check on my recovery progress.

I was an extremely nervous patient and feared dentists before but I no longer fear my appointments or dental treatment and I genuinely feel that I could not have had better or importantly, more caring treatment than that of the Team at Cornerways.


“I would like to thank you all at Cornerways Dental Practice for the great care you have given me since my referral by my own dentist late in 2014.On my first visit everyone was very welcoming and helped put me at ease. I was introduced to everyone who would be involved in the proposed procedure. This was fully explained and the aftercare that would be required was also covered clearly. On the day of my procedure I met my surgeon again and he introduced me to my  anaesthetist who helped put me at my ease. I was made as comfortable as possible throughout. I do not think I could have had a better experience.

My follow up appointments have also been  as comfortable and professionally handled.

I would gladly recommend your practice to anyone seeking similar treatment to mine.

Sorry this is coming to you at the last minute but we have only just returned from holiday.

Good luck for 7th I’m sure all will go well!”

- AD

“Dear Brian,

Having been a patient of Cornerways Dental Practice for many years I have always found you and all your staff to be both professional and very caring. I have always been very happy and comfortable with the advice given to me. When it became apparent I needed to undergo intensive treatment I must admit it was a very scary prospect but talking it through with yourself and Hennie you reassured me that the work could be carried out very effectively and with little discomfort. This reassurance gave me the confidence to go ahead. Now 12 months on and all work completed I am absolutely delighted with the results and my full top set of implants are incredibly comfortable which only reflects on the quality of the work carried out.

I would highly recommend Cornerways team to anyone considering a similar procedure.”

- JH

“I can highly recommend corner ways practice . I have had extensive work done including a bone graft and Implants . I have recommend this surgery to several friends . Also I would like to say that Brian and Jenny are always friendly and welcoming , as well as all the other staff.”

- SM

“I am very pleased with the treatment I have received from Brian Hong at Cornerway Dental practice. And with the other Dental practitioners . They are very quick to see you if the need be. A very clean well run Dental Surgery. Would recommend them to any of my friends wanting a Dentist.

- AP

“Following a longstanding dental issue which I felt my dentist wasn’t resolving I took my friends advice and arranged a visit to see Brian. In October 2011 I first saw Brian for an initial consultation. Following on from this first visit I was given a comprehensive report and advice on the best course of treatment. This involved a bone graft and tooth implant. This included all costings.

I then went through a long period of extensive treatment and surgery. The end result was excellent and I was impressed with the treatment and care I had received from Brian and his team. Although I live some distance from the surgery I have continued to be a patient and I am grateful for the care I receive.

- AW

“I have had treatment from Cornerways Dental Practice over many years, which has included gum surgery and dentures.  I have always been treated with courtesy and professionalism.  Each time I go I have to answer questions about my state of health and any medication I might be taking before my treatment begins.  The surgery is always spotless and I am treated in an extremely hygienic way.  Brian directs the staff clearly and liaises with my hygienist when necessary.

Before I have any treatment I have it explained to me and am given the details and costs in writing and if I have any concerns about any aspect of my dental health, I am given an appointment very quickly so that I can discuss it with Brian.

I am very pleased with all aspects of Cornerways Dental Practice and am certain they have exceeded the CQC’s expectations.

- HK

“I have been a patient at Cornerways Dental Practice for many years and undergone extensive emergency and routine treatment.  This is always of the highest standard and I have been treated promptly, safely and effectively with expertise, kindness and care. The surgery has a friendly, relaxing atmosphere with the highest standards of professionalism and cleanliness which makes a visit as stress-free as possible. I could not wish for more from a dental practice and would highly recommend it.

- GG

“Having had a number of unfortunate experiences earlier in life to then be greatly troubled with a number of significant dental issues was not just a painful period in time but an extremely anxious and emotional one.

Having found Brian and his team to support me with the specialists he has access to we worked together over a period of two years to resolve the problems I had.  Whilst managing the ‘medical’ aspect with relevant procedures and treatment, the greatest comfort came from the empathy and understanding of the impact, especially as a woman who has to stand up, present and talk to large numbers of people, Brian had.

I have no hesitation in endorsing the practice in relation to being a safe, caring environment that is responsive and well led.

Firstly I would like to say that all the staff at Cornerways dental practice are very friendly, considerate and professional, always happy to see you when you arrive and greet you accordingly, I have been coming to the dental practice for some years now ,,I have had some very extensive work done ,to enable me to have dental implants ,The treatment I have received has always been well explained all along the way, in a manner that is easily understood ,with a very ,very high standard of aftercare ,with very little if not no pain after treatments .

There has never been a time that I have felt my treatment is being rushed or that I am a number through the door that has to be seen quickly .

I would (and have ) recommend Cornerways to anyone looking for a dentist

- AP

“Hi Brian,

Hope this will help with your inspection:-

Several years ago after some thirty years of nurturing a phobia of dentists due to some really unpleasant (and I do mean unpleasant) experiences with them in my earlier years, I had actually reached the stage where I couldn’t even sit in the waiting room during my wife’s visits, but dropped her off and fled until it was time to pick her up again. Eventually a mixture of my real concern about the state of my teeth, my wife’s gentle(?) nagging and a lot of stern talking to myself, resulted in me forcing myself to overcome my fears and visit Cornerways to hear what I thought might be the possible prognosis that all my teeth would be leaving me soon and that any new ones would reside in a jar beside the bed at night.

During my first almost petrified (not an exaggeration) visit, Brian listened sympathetically and patiently to my previous experiences and fears, but gently explained to me that whatever the result of his first examination I would undoubtedly be better off in the long run by agreeing to accept whatever treatment he advised. Following this initial assessment which was not good, but was gently and carefully explained in a manner which helped allay my fears to a large degree, I made several visits to his hygienist for a thorough clean up and to help get me used to visiting the surgery. Following this came the news that I would need major work on both teeth and gums if my teeth were to remain with me, in explaining exactly what would happen Brian was again patient and reassuring as well as being very clear as to exactly what the treatment would involve. It would be carried out under a total anesthetic by Henny an orthodontist who worked with Brian and so as nothing nasty had happened to me so far, I swallowed hard and agreed to go ahead with it. As it had been explained to me that I would not be able to drive after coming round from the anesthetic, my youngest daughter drove me there and stood guard to ensure I didn’t do a runner before the anesthetic took hold. I was duly anesthetized and remembered nothing until I came round when, I was given helpful advice on what not to eat and drink over the following couple of weeks. Despite having a slightly uncomfortable mouth for a while after the work was carried out there were no lasting ill effects and both Brian and Henny were was pleased with the results. I was delighted when I was told me that with regular hygienist visits and check ups with Brian I would most likely still have my teeth when I eventually shuffled off to the great waiting room in the sky.

In summing up I can say that with their kindness, patience and understanding Brian and his team have cured my undoubted phobia of his profession, they have left me able to visit Cornerways on my own without the desire to head off in the opposite direction and I am pleased beyond description with all the work that they have carried out for me. Indeed I am now a regular attender for check ups, descaling and polishing as well as having had the odd filling, a crown fitted to a broken tooth etc..

Brian leads a first class team in a professional manner, in a clean and bright surgery, I cannot praise him and his team enough for what they have achieved both for and with me.”

- IS

” They are friendly, informative and helpful. After some bad experiences as a child I am always very careful about choosing my dentist. Brian and his team are very good at making one feel relaxed and cared for, the knowledge and expertise is obvious and the way Brian explains the treatment makes you feel very safe. I find it very reassuring when I can see pictures of my teeth with an explanation of the treatment. Also as one who had bad experiences as a child I purposely bring my 8 year old son to Brian so he does have the same fears I do.

I couldn’t be happier with the care I receive.

- JH

“Hi Brian

I attempted to send the following to the CQC website but failed. Hopefully you can use it yourselves, it is written primarily from J’s perspective but as you will see I have endorsed the comments for all the family.

I presented with extreme dental problems and trigeminal neuralgia.   With great care and attention to detail , Mr Hong liaised with the facial surgeon to bring about a successful outcome. He has also solved a sleep problem caused by snoring. Thorough research found the right appliance to correct the problem. I cannot thank Mr Hong and his team enough for their kind and professional care.

- JP

“I would totally endorse the above comments , adding that the same level of professional care has been shown to me and my family removing any concerns we may have about our dental health.

Hope all goes well.”

- AP

“Dear Mr Hong

Further to your letter dated 27th June 2016 I am emailing to confirm that the dental treatment I received from Hennie Van Jaarsveld was excellent.

I was always advised what procedure would be carried out and treated in a caring way throughout my treatment at Cornerways.”

- EL

“I moved to Sussex aware that I had gum disease but unaware there could be any improvement.  I subsequently attended Cornerways by recommendation and following a thorough examination and discussion with Brian, he advised I had an appt with Hennie Van Jaarsveld regarding periodontal surgery.  This was later carried out by Hennie under sedation by Rex Yetton.  I was very nervous, however, the procedure was carried out in a calm, caring and professional manner, attended by Brian and Linda and I felt safe and confident throughout. The results were beyond my expectations and my gums are now healthy under the continuing advice and guidance of the team.

I feel well informed at all times and highly recommend the Cornerways team.”

- SM

“I have been a patient at Cornerways Dental practice for seven years.  During that time I have had extensive surgery for gum disease, Wisdom teeth removed, an implant ,and most recently a Crown.  I have received excellent Professional care and advice, all delivered with a special personal touch.  Most recently when I needed a crown urgently, I was seen  within an hour of telephoning.  I have been delighted to recommend this excellent Practice to others.”

- SR

“Dear Brian,

I would like to thank you and everybody in your practice for the excellent treatment which I have received while a patient of your practice for the past 10 years or so.

This includes, in addition to normal check-ups and dental hygiene sessions, some complicated bridgework, tooth whitening and a dental implant 7 years ago which has been particularly satisfactory.

Your general approach, and that of your associates, has been impeccable and I always feel confident that I will receive the best possible care from you all. I want to thank you for that and hope to remain your patient for many years to come.

- PG

“Dear Brian,

Thank you for your letter and e-mail.  I am delighted to state below my appreciation of the care I have received at your practice.

“I have been receiving dental care at Cornerways for thirteen years and am pleased to confirm that I have always found the whole team caring and anxious to give me the best treatment.  I have had special work done on my gums, as well as the usual dental procedures, and Brian and his team make sure that the follow-up care is available, if necessary.  Everyone, including Jenny, Linda, Suzanne and Hennie, make me feel that I am having the very best attention at all times.  The waiting room is welcoming too, with lots of interesting magazines to look at.  Well done to you all and thank you for all your care, past and future.”

I hope the above will be OK!!  By the way, I haven’t had any problems with the extraction!”

- J

“I have recently had implant surgery over a period of four months from Cornerways Dental Surgery.  All of the work has been planned and carried out very effectively in a thoroughly professional caring environment by very skillful staff in such a way that what seemed  initially to be very complex and  daunting remedial treatment achieved, by carefully planned stages, a very satisfactory result.

I shall have no qualms about having any further treatment which may be required in the future carried out at Cornerways.  My only regret is that I hadn’t been a patient of Cornerways many years earlier.”

- BY

“I have been a patient at Cornerways Dental Practice, Angering, for approximately three years. I went there on the recommendation of my husband who, as a practising dentist, would refer his patients to this practice for specialist treatment and had always had good feedback.

I have found all staff, from reception through to the hygienist, the nurse and the dentist to be very efficient, thorough and always professional in their approach. I have had a variety of treatments, the latest being an implant that seems to be working very well. All aspects of the treatment were fully discussed with me at all times and so I felt involved and understood what was being done.

The practice is immaculately kept and the atmosphere is always pleasant and reassuring.”

- JE

“Having recently moved to West Sussex, I had been looking for a new dentist. This was brought to a head when I had a dental emergency and my neighbour recommended Dr Hong.

I rang and left a message on the Sunday and had an appointment the next day. During the course of that week I had four appointments with Dr Hong, including an extraction and a partial denture that took only 24 hours to be made. During this process he showed compassion, skill and he explained the options available to me.

Dr Van Jaarsveld, the practice’s implant specialist, gave a thorough explanation of what was needed to repair the damage. His work has been skilful and with excellent results.

Dr Hong and Dr Van Jaarsveld have both displayed sound clinical knowledge and expertise throughout. All staff have been courteous and professional at all times, with a touch of humour that always assists in putting patients at their ease.

Thank you again for your practice team’s continuing excellent care.”

- KR

“Thanks to the brilliant dentistry provided by you and Hennie, however, all is now well! I am so grateful to you both. I must also thank your team for their most pleasant and efficient care of me – they were so kind.”

- JA

“I was so impressed with my treatment, I persuaded my husband and my son to join the practice.  We are all extremely impressed with Brian and his team’s professionalism and attention to detail. The whole team make the experience one of something pleasant rather than something to fear.”

- BF

“Before I found Brian :( After I found Brian :) As Brian would say… floss, floss, floss!! To Brian, Jenny, Linda, Jane and all the staff at Cornerways! I honestly can’t thank you enough for saving my teeth! I am so grateful I got your flyer through my door. I am a very anxious person but all of you were so kind and lovely. I felt so relaxed and knew I was in good hands. You are all amazing!”

- S

“I have had my new tooth fitted and it feels so natural. It is amazing how your teeth can affect the health of your whole body. Although the work was expensive, you cannot put a price on good health, or for that matter, keeping your own teeth! Thank you once again for the work you have done.”

- SH

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