Fluoride application program at Cornerways

Initiated by our Oral Health Educator, Linda Cooper, Cornerways Dental Practice will begin a topical fluoride application program in the half term week 15-19 February 2016.

In accordance with Public Health England’s document “Delivering better oral health: an evidence-based toolkit for prevention“, all children and adults at risk from dental decay should have topical fluoride applied to their teeth at least twice per year.

Fluoride acts to prevent dental decay by strengthening tooth enamel as well as discouraging dental plaque (the prime cause of decay) from adhering to the tooth surface.

This program was born out of Linda’s regular visits into the community, particularly to schools, to spread the word about good dental habits, including oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice. Now we have the capability to apply a prevention program in house for all children and those adults at greater risk of developing tooth decay.

For more information please call 01903 782530.

Brian HongFluoride application program at Cornerways

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